Give the Gift of a Collective Voice

A Message from Charles Kouns
JOIN US in creating a national collective voice of the wisdom of young people on education by sponsoring a Listening Session.


Each gift of $500 will help us fund one Listening Session. If you can sponsor more, please do! If you can only give a partial amount, thank you! Every amount will be cherished. As we pass each $500 mark, the number of young people we can reach will increase. All donations are through PayPal.
At Imagining Learning, we stand in amazement at the depth and breadth of our young people. They have a way of looking at the world now that is much different than when I was their age.  It is a way of seeing the world that can make the pivotal difference in the outcome of our future.


Despite this brilliance, in almost all of the conversations being held today about how to change education, young people are not being invited to contribute. Despite all of the hours of their lives that are spent in school or doing homework and projects, their voice is not being heard. 


This is the work of Imagining Learning.  By offering Listening Sessions - spaces where their voices and only their voices - emerge, we are creating an opportunity for their voices to coalesce into a collective wisdom. We are doing this one Listening Session at a time.
Following the completion of each of Listening Sessions, we are synthesizing the information from our young people's visions into the vision's from the other Listening Sessions. From this, we will begin to see what the key emergent themes are that young people around the country need to be addressed.

We believe that leading 50 more Listening Sessions will give us enough information to move to a next phase: the launching of a national campaign to bring their collective voice to people all around the country. This will be a multi-generational effort, featuring a traveling exhibit of the work and the findings, intergenerational dialogues across the United States, a book of their wisdom, workshops, a social media campaign, and much more.

But right now, we are asking you to join us in completing our research.  Your contribution will bring us closer to our goal of completing 50 Listening Sessions and open the way for a national collective voice to emerge. Please donate today! If you would like to see our budget, please click here or go to the budget page on the website.