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About Imagining Learning

Imagining Learning is an invitation to participate in a heart-centered exploration of the question, "How do we educate young people to thrive in a world of possibility?"


To accomplish this, we have designed a creative process we name Listening Sessions,  that give young people the opportunity to share - in a safe and nurturing environment - their insights and vision for education.  Listening Sessions are designed to tap into the inner wisdom that young people (ages 13 – 19) implicitly hold through a series of appreciative questions, this,

The Listening Sessions are short (3 hours) and  allow us to repeat the process easily. We are currently intending to lead at least 50 more Listening Sessions with groups across America. The Listening Sessions are welcomed whole-heartedly by young people, who consistently express their gratitude for the opportunity to be heard.


The second phase of analyzing and synthesizing the information from the Listening Sessions has begun and we will continue to build on the emergent themes as we continue doing more Listening Sessions.  The collective story so far has been rich, consistent across groups and grounded in wisdom. In 2015, we intend to hold a major national art exhibit and conference for students, decision-makers, educators, and parents. To learn more, click here.

We are also working on developing an experiential Stewardship Lab to enable young people to continue to grow and lead more and more of the activities in Imagining Learning. 

As the work has unfolded, we have begun to offer presentations on our preliminary findings at various community presentations, workshops and educational conferences.
If you would like us to conduct a Listening Session  or give a presentation in your community, please contact us or call Charles Kouns at 828.648.0754 or contact him at:
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