"You want reform? Ask kids. Then listen. Imagining Learning is doing that, and the results are clear. Students want a voice and respect; they want belonging, community involvement, meaningful work..."
As the student in the video says, "Nothing without us is for us. When is the last time you listened to a kid?"
"...Combining these seven Atlanta voices with the hundreds of other student voices, Imagining Learning will contribute the collective wisdom of our young people to our national discussion about how to improve and enhance education – how to “educate young people to thrive in a world of possibility.”‚Äč
"Most adults are simply not doing enough, except for perhaps Charlie Kouns and David Loitz—the visionaries at Imagining Learning. Around the United States, Kouns, Loitz, and their team have been hosting listening sessions, inviting young people to share their revelations and insights on education."
"How Do We Educate Young People to Thrive...?"
           by Bo Adams
"The Rise of Democratic Schools..."
    by Nikhil Goyal
"Nothing About Us Without Us Is For Us"      by Suzannah Kolbeck    

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