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Our Stewards

Charles Kouns
Founding Steward


Charles Kouns is an educator and visionary with over 20 years of secondary and tertiary school experience guiding and empowering young people to discover their wisdom and believe in themselves. His passion for giving young people voice, led him to found Imagining Learning in order to explore new frontiers in education. He now leads Imagining Learning's Listening Sessions, asking teens across America for their input on how education could be transformed.

Dr. Stella Humphries

Learning Steward


Stella brings a rare gift and a unique range of skills to the design and facilitation of learning experiences - from the practical to the transpersonal.  From the time she was an undergraduate Stella has been designing experiential learning programs in different capacities.

As the Listening Sessions unfold, she is taking the lead on analyzing the data of what young people seek in their education, defining the emergent themes and bringing together their collective story.  The aspirations of the young people who participate is leading our formulation of a new learning system that defines the approach to teaching, the qualities of the learning community, the nature of teacher-learner relationships and the life-capacities young people seek to learn.


Creative Core Stewards

Imagining Learning has had an inter-generational team of people from around the country who were working to bring forward student voice and make a difference in education. They were writing, researching and contacting communities around the country to arrange for Listening Sessions. Now that we are conducting very few Listening Sessions, they are on inactive status.

Their wisdom, energy and passion for change are evident in the choices they have made for their own lives and for the future lives of young people in this country. We appreciate deeply their commitment to change and invite you to meet them here.

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