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Imagining Learning

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International Online Conference 

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On July 20, at 11 AM EDT, Charlie Kouns (Founding Steward) and Jabreel Chisley (Creative Core Steward and Listening Session Participant) will be sharing the story of Imagining Learning as well as introducing the flow of the sessions and sharing the wisdom of the young people who participated.  As the conference is online, anyone can register to attend.  All you have to do is click on the picture above to go the Act2Gether website.  If you are one of  the former participants, you, you might see yourself there! 

"My Listening Session Experience"
by Tara

An article written by a 17-year old Atlanta, GA student on her experiences of hosting and participating in a Listening Session. Tara contacted us and worked with Bo Adams, her former principal to bring Imagining Learning to the Atlanta area.


To read her article, click here...      


Transformed Education
Imagining Learning's former Seed Steward, David Loitz, published an article, A Positive Vision of a Transformed Education in the education blog, Cooperative Catalyst.

To read more, click here:


Creating A National
Collective Voice 

An article written by Charles Kouns and published in the Cooperative Catalyst, a blog site centered around the transformation of education.

To read the article, click here...


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